Pocket Nappies
Our stunning illustrated pocket nappies offer a trim, completely waterproof fit ideal for daytime use, or with an extra layer of protection from a soaker (woollen overpant) overnight. Our pocket nappies are adjustable to fit all shapes, with leg and tummy snaps for a perfect fit. You may only need two sizes for your child. Smaller babies may fit from small to medium, with the medium fitting right through to toilet training. Larger babies may go straight from small OR medium to large nappies.

SIZE              WEIGHT                AGE
Newborn      2.5 - 5 kgs           Birth - 6mths
Small            5 - 9 kgs              6mths - 20mths
Medium        6 - 12 kgs            7mths - 2yrs+
Large           10 - 16.5kgs        9mths - 3yrs+ 


Fleece Edged Covers
Our scrummy Fleece Edged Covers keep your baby dry and free from marks/rashes that can be caused by leg and tummy elastic on other covers. Our covers are generously sized to fit over cloth nappies/inserts, please choose carefully or contact us to ensure an accurate fit. Our large cover is particularly suited to fuller thighed children :-).

We recommend our covers for nightime use over your favourite inserts/prefolds/fitted nappy. Fitted nappies are particularly useful as they ensure a double leg guard that will stop anything trying to escape!

SIZE              WEIGHT                 AGE
Small            5 - 8 kgs                6mths - 18mths
Medium       6.5 - 12.5 kgs        7mths - 2yrs+
Large           12 - 17.5kgs          9mths - 3yrs+ 

Inserts are made from 3 layers of top quality thirsty microfibre, which will absorb up to 60% more moisture than regular cotton. For daytime use with changes approximately every 3- 4 hours, we recommend 1 to 2 inserts. These are available in three sizes:

NB: Newborn and small inserts are ideal as boosters in larger nappies once your child has outgrown a smaller size :-).

Our stay dry liners are completely washable and will save you having to pay repeatedly for disposable liners. Simply rinse or shake off solids into the toilet, and place in your nappy bucket ready to be washed.