What a lovely nappy - very well made, tidy and professional. I LOVE the artwork and love the colours for both nappy and artwork. This is the best fitting nappy I have for her, so I absolutely love it. She's a skinny wee thing with chubby legs. The rise is just right, no problems with leaking/poo explosions (which is VERY important in a breastfed baby). No 'builders bum' either when she is sitting up. Leah, Dunedin

This is the trimmest pocket we have - and it's not yet let me down. I did a trip to auckland ( hour in the car each way) - and 2 hours shopping and she hadn't wet through when we got home. I was in a screaming rush and never stopped to change her Paulette, Wellsford

Just letting you know the nappy arrived today and OMG I love the picture. I so want a bigger one for my lounge wall. You are very talented. I can't wait for Em to finish lunch as we are going out and I HAVE to show it off . Leah, Papakura

Sooo cute and really well made, a very professional product. The pocket is so soft and snuggly feeling. Rebecca, Waikato

Oh I love this nappy (I said that out loud too). Don't change it.........it's a perfect nappy & one of my favourites. Rochelle, Auckland

We have been at a huge family reunion camping holiday and Tommy was just wearing a nappy and a t-shirt most of the time. I was putting all his coolest nappies on him, including the great print PUL nappies that I made myself and the one that got the most comments was yours. People really like it although I was a bit put out that mine didn't create the same excitement. Thanks for the nappy, we love it. Megan, West Coast

Performance wise this is great. I have used it for longer than usual spells (outings etc) and no leaks. I have used a variety of inserts (in this pocket nappy). Great performance for baby and big toddler wees. Gabes, Bay of Islands, Northland

Love this cover and the size and shape is perfect for Rylan with plenty of room for growth. Fits well over prefolds too! Very snuggly and love the softness of the fleece around the legs and waist. Hayley, Palmerston North

I really like the PUL on the inside, I haven't seen this on a cover before - it works well and is reliable. Nice style, I like the contrasting colours of the nappy and trimming. Rise is a good fit, covers all of the fitted nappy beneath it. Leg elastic and cut fits well on my girl, no problems there. Side snap is really cool and easy to secure on baby - husband can also use this cover easily. I'm really impressed with the way this cover fits over the entire fitted nappy beneath it - really good design which ensures no leaks. Leah, Dunedin

You sent me 3 things (aren't I lucky) and this is my FAVOURITE (cover). I love the fleece around the leg holes, so soft. Gabes, Bay of Islands, Northland