Frequently Asked Questions

Help! Why is my pocket nappy is leaking :-(. ?

Never fear, we will get to the bottom of it (sorry, corny pun!). Leaking can be caused by any of the following:

- Problem: Compression wicking (particularly when seated in car). Solution: Change more regularly, add more inserts, or switch to a cover system.

- Problem: Leaking around the legs or tummy. Solution: Attach your nappy/cover by the leg snaps on each side first, then do up the waist snaps. Make sure there are no gaps, particularly when you raise bub's legs. The elastic should be firm, but not tight enough to leave red marks.

- Problem: Moisture rash/moisture not wicking through to the inserts caused by a build up of cream on the inner of the nappy. Solution: Apply a small amount of dishwashing liquid to the surface and scrub gently to break up the residue, then wash well.